Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Wreath Decorating

Candy Wreath: You can make a wreath from candy; it is just as delicious as it sounds. To do this you'll need a bit of wire to make the circular base, ribbons to attach your candy to the base and of course candy. First you will need to form your circular wreath structure by bending your wire, you can make it as large or as small as you like. Larger structures will require more candy to fill them and vice versa. Once you have made your base, simply add your candy all around it using the ribbon to secure them in place Ensure that there are no gaps in the wreath as this will expose the wire underneath. You may use a variety of sweets to do this however, sticking with those that are red striped like the candy cane will give it more of Christmas flair. Your ribbons can be a variety of colours as well but the red and green colours often associated with Christmas will make your wreath more festive.

Berry Wreath: To construct a berry wreath all you will need is a wood base, a bit of green cartridge paper, wood glue, fake berries and quite possibly, a red ribbon. To begin carve your wood base until it is circular leaving a hole in the middle to make it look like the traditional wreath. Then, use your green cartridge paper to make a cover for your wood base. This should be cut to the exact dimensions of your base. Glue this to the base and let dry for at least 20 minutes. The final touch will be added with your berries. Glue the individual berries all around your wreath trying to get them as close as possible to cover most of your green areas. To make this more wreath like you may glue a nice bit of red ribbon to the top or bottom of your wreath. You can add a bit of sparkle to your wreath by sprinkling a bit of glitter all around it, but first applying glue to the tops of the berries so that the glitter will stick.

Jazz up a plain wreath: You may add some vibrancy to a plain artificial wreath made of Garland. All you will need to do is add a few ornaments that you have made or bought. These should be fairly small so that they can be distributed evenly all around your wreath. A few of these ornaments may include ribbons, snowmen, miniature Santa Claus ornaments, candy canes, pine cones among other things. To top it all off you may lightly spray a bit of white spray paint on the edges of the wreath to give it a snow effect. Do this from afar so that only a slight amount actually touches the wreath. This should be done before you begin putting on your decorative items.