Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Tree Decorating

The first thing you'll want to do is start with the lighting. When putting on your Christmas lights start from the inside out. This means you will start at the base and go up through the inner areas of the branches. After you have done that get another set of lights and attach to your current set (most modern lights can be interconnected) and then put these on the outer areas of your branches.

If you are using garland then you can put these on after. You may opt to buy one in a store of you can make your own special garland from any material that you'd like for example out of candy (that is still wrapped preferably) and a bit of sting. The garland doesn't have to be placed all over the tree but instead neatly at the last few rows at the bottom.

Now you are ready to add any other decorations you may want to:

You can place glass or plastic balls all over the tree. To make them extra special you could add your own touches to plain balls. For example if you have children you may write their names in permanent marker on a few of the balls, do this legibly and preferably in a style not unlike cursive or calligraphy. After this you may place a small amount of glue on the balls and dip them in a bit of glitter. You could also wrap the balls in strips of cloth, preferably trimmings that are finished along the edges. Go for the festive colours like red and green if you'd like to make them look more traditional.

You could also make a set of unique decorations based on Christmas characters like snowmen and Santa Claus. You may do this with a bit of paper mache, paint, glitter, buttons for eyes and any other decorative touches you would like. This can be a great activity to do especially if you have kids around to help you. You could also use this method to create the centre piece of your tree be it an angel or star.

Instead of sticking to regular candy canes hung all over your tree, you could probably try hanging a few other types of candies by making little sacks that you can fill with them. If you are good at sewing this will be easily achieved. Make a draw string at the top of your sack that may be tied to each branch, if you have children they will delight in taking down these treats on Christmas day. The colour of the cloth won't matter much but, to stick with tradition a red or green sack will be more ideal.

Finally when putting your decorations on the tree be sure to place the plainer ones on the inner and outer branches to create depth and your uniquely made ones on the outer branches for display purposes. You'll want your tree to look well decorated without being overdone, so spacing will be essential to the process.