Christmas Decoration Ideas

Outdoor Christmas Decorating

It is possible to use your ornaments on your outdoor space, preferably ones that are larger and able to withstand the elements. A great idea could be to use large sized Christmas bells; these may be hung from your fence with hooks or put at the edges of your porch. Once you have evenly spaced them around your porch you may consider tying a few artificial leaves and pine cones to dress them up a bit.

A sled by the door. If you already own a sled that isn't being used you can actually add a few decorative touches around it and prop it up against the wall. Use a large ribbon and a bit of garland to make it more festive. You may even spray paint bits of the garland white to give it that snow bound effect.

You may dress your window box with a few pine cones and winter grown plants, like cypress and cedar. These can be artificial if you would like to skip the gardening aspect. Additionally you may use garland and a bit of red ribbon to add the final finishing touches.

You may lively up your indoor/outdoor space with a few strategically placed baskets. Your baskets can then be filled with a few goodies that ring true of the Yuletide season. These can then be placed on your porch in a few key areas where they will be noticed. Perhaps you could throw a few candy canes in your basket as a welcoming treat for visitors.

You can brighten up your fence with garland. This is very easy to do and will go nicely with a few ornaments neatly placed in between your garland. Wrap it around the tops of your fence to make them more visible and appealing.

Who could forget the Christmas lights? Instead of going for one size and one type go for a variation and place them all about your fence, porch and trees. You could even make a visible path with a few rows of light near your walkway.

Glass can be made to look very appealing during the season. You can place glass vases or any other glass type transparent containers near your walkway and on your porch. In these you can put long-lasting candles that you may light on Christmas Eve or periodically throughout the season. Add a few bits of garland and artificial berries. To top it all off you may wrap a bit of ribbon around each glass.