Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorating with Christmas Lights

Indoor Lighting

The first area you will probably want to tackle is your Christmas tree. This is probably wise considering how integral to the season the tree actually is. Instead of using only the small rows of Christmas lights you may give your tree a bit of variation by adding lights that are of different sizes. This will improve the lighting effect of your tree. You could also try working with themed colours. That is, you could use lights of either red or green on your tree. A combination of the two would work perfectly as well. To do this you could place the rows of red at the top and green at the bottom. The main thing is to have fun with your lights.

Cover your staircase railings with garland and white lights. Of course this will look amazing by night. Wrap your garland carefully around the posts of your staircase or on the main railings. Then go over each section with your white Christmas lights. Add a few decorative ornaments to give your lit garland an extra festive look.

Place lights around your windows. These will look especially great around French windows. Wrap the lights close to the edges so that they are facing the glassy area. This will radiate off the glass giving your window full luminance.

Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor area will be a little more difficult to fill with lights depending on the yard space. However, with a bit of ingenuity you should be able to make this work exquisitely.

The first area you may wish to focus on is your fence and walk way. For these areas you may use your garland on your fence along with your lights, just as you would in the above staircase example. The garland will add a bit of depth while the lighting will add a beautiful glow. Next you can put lights along your walkway. These should be larger and more apparent. Lay them out neatly in between plants that may be growing alongside your walkway.

Place your lights along your porch in the same way with both garland and a string of lights. You may tie a bit of ribbon to different sections of your garland-light concoction, to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

Use coloured lights on a few choice pieces. You could get some large vintage coloured lights to put on a few antique items like an old bicycle. This can be placed near your porch or anywhere you think it will receive more attention.

Put lights in trees, your window sill, against your windows and any other areas you find appropriate. A well lit house at Christmas is definitely a great tribute to the season.