Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Create holiday shapes using cookie cutters or a regular knife. You could do a set of themed cookies. If you are using a knife try to go for simpler shapes including snow men, Christmas trees, stars, a Santa hat, snow globe, wreath, leaves and other concept you can think of that are related to the season. A simple butter cookie recipe will suffice although you could spice things up by adding a bit of chocolate and vanilla to your batter.

Add a bit of coloured frosting to your cookies. This can be accomplished by using a drop of food colouring in your frosting mixture. Since the traditional colours are red and green you can make most of your cookie frosting this colour. However, if you are doing themed cookies like a snowman, then white frosting will suffice with a bit or red or green for a scarf to give it that extra punch.

Add a bit of something extra to the top. This will include a dollop of confectioner's sugar which can be substituted for snow if you are going for that look. Sprinkles, regular sugar, coconut flakes and a bit of crushed Oreos are also perfect toppings.

Put a bit of melted chocolate over your cookies. You can use chocolate chips, actual bits of chocolate or even some cocoa mixed with confectioner's sugar and butter that has been melted. Take a spoon and place it in the hot melted mixture and lightly go over each cookie with it. What will result are beautiful lines of chocolate over your baked treats.

Choose some healthy alternatives to top your cookies. You may use nuts and fruits to add flavour and colour to your cookies. If you have made cookies in the shape of wreaths you can use small bits of cranberry along with a bit of green frosting to make it look authentic. Adding nuts in or on your cookies will make them look and taste more delectable, plus you will be increasing the nutrient content of each cookie.